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Here at Superfast we understand how stressful moving can be. With that said we are here to help; not just with logistics but with practical advice to help you take control of certain aspects of your move giving you peace of mind that everything will work according to plan.

user clock Get Organised Early!

Don’t leave everything till the last minute. Unless you have to pack up and leave in a hurry, the chances are you have 30-60 days to plan your move in Warrington, ensuring that everything runs smoothly on the day.

recycle icon Reuse boxes!

You’ll probably need a few cardboard boxes to round out your moving kit. Before you start packing, decide on what size of boxes you’re likely to need for packaging the items in each room. Keep in mind that smaller boxes are easier to carry when facing stairs and narrow pathways.

info icon Keep your Movers in the loop!

Boxes are one thing, but when you get to the big, heavy stuff, it’s important to let your movers in Warrington know what to expect. Communicate with your removal company and explain all your needs and expectations prior to booking. Your mover in Warrington needs to be aware of all the minor details in order to estimate your total move time and cost, and have all the proper equipment available on the day. This includes letting the moving company know about any overweight items that will need moving (e.g. a piano or fridge), any access restrictions (small elevator, narrow stairs, narrow driveway), and whether you’ll need help with disassembly or assembly of furniture.

boxes icon Put together a packing kit!

If more than one person is doing the packing, stay organised by establishing a system. Have blank inventory sheets ready so one person can tackle each area or room. Arm each packer with a pen, black marker, and packing materials, such as newspapers, a packing tape dispenser and boxes.

tags icon Label everything!

Label all sides of the box (avoid the top) so that, when they’re stacked, the labels will always be visible. Whoever is carrying in your boxes might not make sure all labels are facing the same way. Use marker pens for clear, bold labels so you can easily find what you need in a stack.

users icon Be ready for your movers, whether hired or friends!

Whether you have family and friends, or professional movers in Warrington showing up at your door, be ready for them when they arrive. With a removal company in Warrington, unless you hire packers in Warrington, be ready and packed before the crew arrives. Scrambling for boxes will delay your move and may increase your cost.

file icon Take inventory!

This is especially necessary if you’re hiring a removal company in Warrington. Having a full record of all your household items will be useful if something goes missing. Consider keeping a spreadsheet of the contents of each box. Then, assign each box a number and all you have to do is write that number on each side. It’s a good idea to write the room (e.g. kitchen, bathroom) on the box too.

unlock icon Protect your valuables!

Find a safe place to store your valuables on moving day. Insure anything that’s valuable or breakable if you’re using a removal company in Warrington. And if you’re moving a computer, back-up all your important files, just in case the unexpected happens during the move.

broom icon Seize the opportunity to purge!

Moving home in Warrington is a great chance to organise your belongings and get rid of items you no longer use. If the time of year permits, hold a carboot sale. Alternatively, take the time to sort and donate gently worn clothing, and recycle old magazines and catalogues. And don’t forget to shred your old documents.

briefcase icon Prepare a moving day kit!

Keep one box aside for easy access to all the “essentials” you might need on moving day: cleaning supplies, light bulbs, toilet paper, garbage bags, a change of clothes, toiletries, phone chargers, etc.

hand icon Hook up essential services!

Familiarise yourself with the process of how utilities (gas, water, electricity) will be transferred over to you from a previous owner. Also, arrange to have your phone line, cable and internet working if necessary.

hand shake icon Make nice with your new neighbours!

Start off on the right foot by informing your immediate neighbours that you’ll be moving in and what kind of moving vehicles you will be using. If you’re moving on a weekday, make sure your car isn’t blocking anyone’s exit when moving crew arrives. If it’s wintertime, clear your driveway of snow and ice. Make sure there’s plenty of room to park the moving van. That’s essential on busy streets, otherwise you could slow down your move, increasing your total cost. Also, make sure there are no restrictions on parking the van in front of your house, as might be the case, for example, in a city centre.

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